Ven Scott was born into the stage, so there was little choice for him. Raised in a family of filmmakers, actors, actresses, play writes, directors, guitar players and singers, it was obvious to him and those around him that performance was in his blood. From the time he was in elementary school he was learning lines, crafting and presenting characters (both on and off stage). Ven would star in student films for the University of Texas film department, some of which included “The Thing Under the Bed” and “Pigger”. At age twelve he had landed his first lead role as Sean Rains in the independent feature “Red Boy 13”.

In high school he enjoyed an eclectic list of characters such as Pleribo/Adraste/Prince Florilame in “The Illusion”, Arthur Seward in an adaptation of “Dracula” and Trinculo in the University of Texas Pan-American’s presentation of “The Tempest”. His current on screen projects include Robert Stevenson in the web series “Darkridge”, The Director in the film “Assassins for Dallas” and several others in various stages of production.

Behind the curtain and camera, Ven has a deep love for stage management, sound design and directing. He starred in and designed sound for several plays for Amarillo College including “Romeo & Juliet” as well as “Race”. In 2017 Ven produced the short film “Shilo“, directed by Tyler Russell. The film went on the win the Programmer’s Choice Award at Sidewalk Film Festival and has enjoyed screenings at SXSW, Rome International Film Festival and many others. He is currently working with Sketching Light Productions to produce his short horror film, “Date From Hell”. This is will be his directorial debut and the launching project for his company Amadon-Shannon Media Group.

Until his involvement with “Shilo”, Ven had taken a twelve year hiatus from acting, film and stage. Instead, his efforts were focused on managing and singing in his metal band, “Dead Earth Politics”. The project, having now given way to “Runescarred”, took much of his attention. Having his desire to direct reignited, Ven is now creating in parallel; writing/producing/directing/acting for the screen and recording/managing for Runescarred. Clearly a dedicated artist, Ven is enjoying the fruits of his labor from both music and film and is driven even more so than he was when he was younger. The future is ripe for the picking and Ven’s basket is never too full.